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SCULPTURE LINE festival introduce you to sculptures and art objects of leading home and international artists in the "open air" gallery.

Sculpture Line is an annual long-term art project that expands the cultural and artistic potential of a specific location through the installation of sculptures in public areas. Its basic idea is to present contemporary art to the public of all ages and across all social and educational classes while also helping to make the public space more social.

Sculpture Line organizers and the participating artists believe that the sculpture must be able to communicate with its surroundings. This also applies to pieces that are artistically challenging. Sculpture Line thereby helps art experts as well as the general public to navigate the complex structures of the contemporary art world and does so in a communicative and friendly environment. In a way, the festival also helps fulfill the “cultural policy” of the individual cities, which welcome Sculpture Line as a form of an open cultural dialog.

The first two years of the festival took place in Prague. The city of Pilsen was added to the program in the 3rd year. In 2018, the 4th year took place all over the Czech Republic and crossed the border over to other countries in the European Union. Besides Prague, the sculptures of several authors were exhibited in Pilsen, Brno, Broumov, Jablonec nad Nisou, Liberec, Olomouc, Ostrava, Pardubice, Trutnov, Vratislavice nad Nisou and Zlín. The exhibit in the capital city of Luxembourg was a triumph as was the extensive and successful collaboration with the Nord Art festival in the German city of Büdelsdorf.

The goal of the festival is to continue with these activities while maintaining high artistic standards and to connect with other Czech cities as well as partners abroad. Thanks to active cooperation, Sculpture Line has succeeded in bringing the works of foreign artists into the Czech Republic and vice versa, to export the works of Czech artists abroad. Sculpture Line of course wishes to continue with this mutual exchange of artists and artworks. The festival also offers a generous accompanying program and takes place from June through to the end of September.


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Are you interested in some sculptures, would you like to involve your municipality / city in the festival, do you like our idea and want to become a partner of the festival or support us in any way, write to us.