Sculpture Line
Skalná 2023

1.1. — 31.12.2023

The municipality of Skalná is participating in the current large-scale three-part exhibition "CONNECTIONS - VERBINDUNG" and is a contribution of the Kunstverein Hochfranken Selb e. V. together with the Goller Gallery to the Bavarian-Czech Friendship Weeks Selb-Aš 2023.



Václav Fiala (*1955)

Potoční str., Wildstein Castle Potoční Street, at the head of the castle by the pond
Sculpture made of oak wood, standing at the foot of a medieval castle. Its name is "Weekend House of the Mathematician". It was created in 2013, has dimensions of 3.30 x 2.70 m and a height of 3.0 m. It weighs around 3 t. The mathematician seems to have focused on geometry, as the various forms that make up the work show a clearly ordered rigour. However, the layout of the rooms for living purposes is not at all discernible. Nevertheless, one can imagine a type of supplemented, extended building procedure - just towards the number of living rooms. This form of fantasy is not so much appreciated by us adults, but apparently even more so by children. They are able to play "dwelling" in the sculpture - and are allowed to do so. One should not, however, be irritated by the name the artist has given it, and simply be influenced by its outward appearance without any bias. If this is done, you will find that this solid oak structure corresponds perfectly with the castle built of natural quarry stones. Both raw materials seem to be extremely durable. The natural materials of wood and stone simply fit together without hurting each other. It is also possible to think in a more "medieval" way. The design of the statue is reminiscent of a catapult, which - if it were really a catapult - could be used by an attacking enemy to shell the castle. A second direction of fire could also be considered, namely to intercept the approaching enemy in advance. Naturally and fortunately, today's reality is quite different. We, the people of culture, in cooperation with Friendship Weeks, are pursuing - at least in the usual cases, purely peaceful objectives. Hans-Joachim Goller
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