Sculpture Line
Florence 2020

1.1. — 31.12.2020

With the unfortunate situation in the world currently doesn't permit free movement of individuals, it also makes the movement of sculptures more difficult, as their creators cannot be present when the sculptures are set up. As a result, more and more events, exhibitions and festivals are postponed or cancelled entirely. Through this challenge, we wish to overcome the current limitations and enable the artists to enter already installed sculptures into our Sculpture Line exhibition, so that even more people can see and enjoy them.

Wolves Coming!

Wolves Coming!

Liu Ruowang (*1977)

Piazza della Santissima Annunziata Florence
Curated by Matteo Lorenzelli, sponsored by Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, Uffizi Galleries, and Florence’s Municipality.   A sculpture installation consisting of 110 wolves cast in weathering steel which face two emblematic buildings of the Renaissance: Palazzo Pitti and the Spedale degli Innocenti. The work series intends to demonstrate the conflicted yet united relationship between man and animals, man and nature, and man and society.   An allegory of nature’s response to man’s ravages and predatory behavior towards the environment; at the same time, the wolves also represent a reflection on the values of civilization, on the great uncertainty in which we live today and on the real risks of an irreversible annihilation of the current world. Lupi in arrivo represents a real criticism of a world devoted to self-destruction. Liu Ruowang’s wolves are basically a desperate call for environmental protection of the whole planet.  ----------- Lupi in arrivo has provided amazing experiences to dozens of metropolis globally among which: Queenstown (New Zealand), Petersdorf (Germany), Quimper (France), Copenhagen (Denmark), and in Italy Venice, Turin, Cervinara, Naples, and now Florence.   “With the presence of Liu Ruowang’s wolves in our squares we will have many months to think about how to contribute to respecting the natural balance of our planet” – Eike Schmidt, Director of Uffizi Galleries   “Let art sets this ancient city to sail again” – Dario Nardella, Florence City Mayor   “Nothing better than art can allow us a profound reflection on the missing relationship between man and nature” – Tommaso Sacchi, Councilor for Culture of the Municipality of Florence
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