A composition made of wooden logs. It is a kind of ready-made from logged wood resembling scattered crayons. The object can also be used for sitting.

Martina Marie Niubó


Martina Niubó graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (atelier of Prof. Kurt Gebauer) and subsequently from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (atelier of Prof. Karel Nepraš). Since 2010 she  teaches modeling and sculpture at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague.

She devotes to free creation (sculptures and installation) and continuously attending exhibitions and symposiums at home and abroad. In her creation prevails the connection of sculptures and conceptual approach with the use of different media and materials. She focuses mainly on art in the public space and the landscape that appeals to it more than the gallery environment. Recently, she has been devoted mainly to sculpture with an effort to incorporate sculpture into public space. The return to figuration is the natural outcome of this development. In her work she tries to work on classical sculptural themes with a shift to contemporary art.

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