sleeping beauty

Hemp rope iron

The main inspiration for the sculpture was an old textile factory. The logo of Perla is a pinwheel, similar to the one Sleeping Beauty pricks her finger in and falls into a deep sleep. The same can be said of the textile industry in Ústí which is currently asleep.

The statue depicts this story with thorny rose branches in the shape of the iconic children's climbing frame. Overgrown with the current problems and threats we face. It shows that things can be both beautiful and harmful, just like the textile industry is today. At on the one hand it's a necessity and a beautiful thing, but on the other hand, if you we take on more than we can handle, it can hurt us.

The design is made from reused reinforcements from construction sites and strong hemp rope. By braiding the rope into the reinforcements, it refers to old weaving practices loosely referring to the original Perla textile factory. The sculpture is interactive, you can climb it, hang yourself in it or walk under it. The creation of the sculpture becomes part of the culture.

Re-Use Project TEAM 6

Hackathon, Prague 17.4. - 20.4. 202. Winning proposal of Team 6: Anas, Jozef, Katerina, Rebekka.

Rebekka Ashley Egilsdóttir

The designer and artist was born in a small fishing village in the Icelandic Westfjords. Growing up in a country known for its beautiful landscapes and harsh weather, she learned to respect nature, which has influenced her current work. Rebekka focuses on designing, developing and implementing sustainable solutions for waste materials. She looks for opportunities for unwanted items, whether it be discarded textiles, e-waste, beach plastic or broken furniture. Her style is often described as playful, colourful, organic and quirky.

In 2020 she graduated with a BA in Product Design from the Icelandic University of the Arts and in 2022 she was nominated for an award given by the Minister of Environment, Energy and Climate for outstanding solutions to waste in society.


Jozef Pilát

Artist of many faces: painter-carpenter, sculptor-tractionist. He was born in Slovakia into a family with a multi-generational agricultural tradition. He grew up in the countryside under the High Tatras. This region influenced him and still inspires his work today. His themes are local narratives, which he transforms into monumental spatial forms. These come alive with the audience and transport them to fantastic worlds. He does not limit his work to one medium. The method of expression is more like a seesaw between different means of communication.

In 2018 he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, majoring in painting and specializing in Art in Public Space.

(Erasmus-2015 Uniwersität der Künste in Berlin).

He is currently working on his PhD thesis at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava.

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