What is happiness


The monumental golden fly depicts the controversy over what everyone wants.
The sculpture was inspired by Adolf Heyduk's poem and the fascination with the insect itself. The fly, so small, useless and annoying, yet beautiful when viewed in detail under a microscope. A fascinating biological machine that we are unable to perceive with the naked eye. And that is why it has been magnified to a superhuman scale, so that its individual details can be admired, and so that when confronted, a polemic can be stirred up over its own greatness and perhaps even over happiness, so fragile, so seemingly complex and yet sometimes so easy when one is able to perceive the little

Michal Trpák


He studied stone sculpture at the SUPŠ St. Agnes in Český Krumlov. He then graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague in the Sculpture Studio under prof. Ak. sculptor. Jiří Beránek and a doctoral study under prof. Ak. Mal Boris Jirků at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bánská Bystrica. During his studies he completed an internship in Finland and Canada. In 2000 he participated in an international student meeting in South Korea organized by UNESCO.


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