As the artist himself says, he could define his work as geometric abstractionism, if he had to name it. His shapes are always angular and defined. His sculptural work is very closely related to his paintings, and he has been told several times that his sculptures are essentially three-dimensional paintings, which he agrees with. His works have no titles, which he considers a necessity of abstractionism. Basically, he is always looking for a balance between unbalanced shapes.

Nuno Santiago

I was born in 1956 in Lisbon, Portugal. While living in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, I studied at the Federal University of Fine Arts, later pursuing my studies at the Lisbon Fine Arts School in Portugal. I especially enjoyed etchings and engraving and much of my works derives from those early experiments. Years later I went to live in Macau where I worked for a while as a set designer for a ballet and theatre group. I also taught black and white photography. It was in Macau that the Chinese aesthetics permeated my work and some of those influences are still present. I could define my work as Geometric Abstractionism if I was asked to put a name on it. My shapes are always angular and defined. My work in sculpture is very closely related to my painting and it has been said that my sculptures are basically paintings in three dimensions, which I agree with. My work is always untitled which I consider a necessity with abstractionism. In essence, I'm always on the search for balance in unbalanced forms.

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