Obelisk and other works


Scattered around the golf course were stone jewels - sculptures by Pavel Opočenský, for whom stone is a challenge to make it transparent and lighter, and to work with it as surprisingly as this hard and material medium allows.

Pavel Opočenský


Sculptor and jewellery maker Pavel Opočenský (born 1954) is an artist who consistently processes stone, such as granite or syenite, in his works. He completes or distorts the stone blocks in a minimalist and serial way, the most famous of these works is probably the monument to the Čapek brothers on Náměstí míru (Peace Square) in Prague's Vinohrady district. Other works from this period can also be found in the Hostivař Golf Gallery. In addition to his large stone realisations, however, he is also a renowned designer and creator of jewellery, thus fulfilling the notion that in every man there is, in addition to the passionately large and thunderous position, also that of the minuscule and fragile.

He has been working with stones since 1982. On large formats over 1 meter since 1987 and after 1990 over 2 meters and 2 tons. In the last 2 years, the dimensions of the works range from 2.5 meters to 7.6 meters. It uses modern technology for processing granite and other hard rocks (syenite, diorite, basalt). Since 1993 it has been drilling with a core drill and cutting with a cable saw.

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