Lining the clubhouse


It's been a while since architecture has seen itself in artistic practices, and vice versa. Especially the transformation and play of facades. The recently deceased sculptor Jiří Beránek is a shining example of this, as the sculptural cladding of the main building of the Hostivař golf complex has made not only this architecture and its architect famous worldwide, but also the sculptor who invented this cladding so uniquely.

Jiří Beránek

1945 — 2021

The sculptor Jiří Beránek, who loved wood and large dimensions, was born in 1945. He belonged to a generation whose artistic activity developed despite the social conditions of the Czechoslovak normalization of the 1970s and 1980s. Together with other free-thinking artists, he joined the famous 12/15 group, which exhibited without external restrictions. After the coup, he became a professor of sculpture at the Academy of Arts and Crafts in Prague. Jiří Beránek surprised his admirers with his large-scale works that went beyond the dimension of traditional sculpture and moved towards large objects or installations. Their dominant component, however, was wood, resulting in remarkable overlaps between the artistic and natural elements. It is in this spirit that the sculptor created the wooden cladding of the main building of the golf complex, which not only continues to amaze visitors but has also entered the history of world architecture.

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