Jakub Flejšar


Perception of space | 
My job as a sculptor is to work with a given space. I change the energy of that space - I spice it up, animate it, transform it, sometimes violently, sometimes subtly. It depends on my feelings and sensations.

Inventing shape | 
My work is a conscious and unconscious play with material. Many times I surprise myself with what is happening in front of me, such a small birth under my own hands, without pain, without thinking as if by chance, at the same time every piece, the smallest piece has its exact place and could not be anywhere else. It's all up to my emotion and feeling.

Feeling, timelessness | 
I don't want to convey any idea, any story, any actual issue. I don't want my work to evoke any emotion in you. Thinking is pigeonholing, comparing, sorting, solving, judging based on experience, i.e. the past. Emotions are overwhelming, paralyzing, lacking in subtlety, and also based on past experiences, conscious or unconscious.

The author's task | 
My task is to make you forget yourself and time, at least for a split second. Don't think, don't speculate what the author meant by the work, don't judge or measure. Just perceive, feel and be, you will become the work, the sculpture, inwardly. A strange silence and peace will spread within you. It's up to you to feel and feel.

Jakub Flejšar


Studied at Academy of Arts, Architecture & Design in Prague. Besides the art of sculptures, Jakub is active in snowboarding – snowboardcross. He is a head couch of Czech junior snowboardcross national team and also of Eva Samková, the Winter Olympics winner (Sochi 2014). He himself is a former national team member and also a vice-champion of the Czech Republic.

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