Steel laminate leatherette

The Jahmal sculpture is a real connection between the New York and Czech worlds on the theme of transgender from 2018 and at the same time a difference. It is a mataphor for the complicated finding of one's own identity, the acceptance of oneself, the transformation and at the same time the inner struggle of not fitting into one's own body. The stitching with leather symbolizes the surgical process.

Filipová Aneta


She is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, where she studied at the Sculpture I studio under Lukáš Rittstein. He has been dealing with the topic of cities and everything they contain for several years. Her sculptures connect various urban subthemes, such as the perception of the human figure as a moving architecture in life, or subcultural issues of individuals or groups. He perceives large cities as morphological organisms that best form the current reflection of society. Underground corners are the most interesting for her, which is why she went to New York for an internship in 2018, where she studied at the Cooper Union of Arts. Here she found the contents for her future works and sculptures. She is a young author who is not afraid to experiment with different materials, including secondary/recycled materials, and thus search for new procedures and sculptural materials.


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