high-fired clay

The work has a weight of approx. 1840 kg (3.4 x 1.15 x 1.47 m height) and we can reach it by hand from the parking space to a maximum distance of 12 m.

It is not a boat in the true sense of the word. It is and it isn't. But everyone who sees it calls it that, so I guess it is. It's more of a rudimentary symbol of a boat, although in its use it's another piece from my workshop on the theme of the author's "Chairs for the City". I see the symbol as a metaphor for our time, as a vessel on which we all sail together. Depending on our personal settings, we understand that voyage as either joy and mutual friendly communication or fear and struggle. I breathe for the former, which is why this "boat" is so big and colorful. Sit on it for a while with friends, or complete strangers.

Alexandra Koláčková


Alexandra Koláčková is a graduate of fine arts at the Faculty of Pedagogics in Olomouc. A characteristic feature of her work are especially colourful, large-format ceramic and concrete sculptures, intended for public spaces. However, in many projects the author expanded the range of visual effects to deal with the space itself, mingling an artistic approach with the work of a landscape designer. Her artistic concept is typical of expressive range of colours, simple and rounded morphology and an abiding sense of playful elements.


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