Fluorescent, delicate, light: the five boats, designed by the visual artist Johannes Pfeiffer, have found their destination on the banks of the Vltava River where it runs towards the city centre of Prague.

The old wall of the dock they are fixed on, thus becomes a boathouse for these little boats, which seem to be waiting for anybody who is in need of them.

The title of the work itself, Lifeboats, suggests rescue vessels, small sloops that are used for rescuing people. But approaching them one makes a bitter discovery: the ships are leaking. The material they are made of is a metal net and therefore not impenetrable. The boats which at closer look seem more like fragile leaves than solid vessels can´t transport anybody, can´t rescue anybody as water comes in.

This work of art is a symbol of the difficult period which has taken humankind unprepared, in which no lifeboat seems safe enough to rescue all.

But although the installation radiates uncertainty, the artist, conveys the awareness that there is still hope. And then the little boats change dimensions for the third time and become burning torches. Thanks to their fluorescent colour which at night makes them visible also from far away they change into beacons of hope, which give comfort by signalising the existence of a new accessible way.  

Giulia Cordò

"The artwork Lifeboats is installed with financial support of the Czech-German Fund for the Future."

Johannes Pfeiffer

Johannes Pfeiffer wasborn in 1954 in Ulm, Germany. He studied sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts of Rome and Carrara. In the following years he wins rewards and scolarships and dedicates himself to the fulfilment of shows and projects in different cities as Pisa, Ulm, Torino and Montevideo. His art mainly develops between Italy and Germany, touching also other countries in Europe and in the world. the work of Pfeiffer complies with natural and artificial locations and the materials mostly used by the artist are bricks, synthetic fiber cables and neon lights for his bright graffiti.


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