Permanent artwork



The author focused on the space and size of the object in space. A scale chosen for Hyena allows the viewer to perceive the object as a whole, and, at the same time, at a closer look the viewer is forced
to perceive individual segments and parts of the sculpture. Its openness offers insight into the interior
of the object. The sculpture tries to capture the ferocity of hyenas as accurately as possible with metal. An organic form of a living hyena is transferred into a geometric form of the sculpture while enlarging the animal’s proportions. Complex structures that create individual parts of the animal’s body are gradually composed of the 2D parts. The resulting sculpture takes advantage of the distribution of light and shade on metal surfaces, and using its nuances it creates the overall spatial volume.

Jan Dostál


Jan Dostál’s “handwriting“ had been informed by various materials he works with (clay, wood, glass and resin) until he came across steel in which he definitely found himself as an author. This material allows him to work from a small scale up to monumental dimensions. Dostál’s works are made up of small geometric elements (variables) from which he gradually creates his multi-element sculptures that are thematically based on the animal sphere, where the author gradually reduces reality to geometric shapes, or moves at a purely abstract level. The resulting works are not closed on the surface, the author leaves them deliberately open. The openness of the statues enables the viewer to see the interior of the statues.


Jan Dostál Sculpture


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